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Arthur et la vengeance de maltazard
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Selena- A year without rain

Selena's Sophomore album "A Year Without Rain" is officially out in all stores across the country. The deluxe edition is available at Target and it comes with a bonus DVD and a few bonus tracks. Be sure to go out and buy the album and also buy it on iTunes on this link. In my opinion, I think this album is a huge improvement from the previous one. Not that I didn't like Kiss and Tell, I love each and every song on it. But this one definitely sounds more mature. Its so fun to listen to! And I guess that's the point of the making music for Selena. I have definitely enjoyed listening to all the songs and I've mentioned this before but my TOP favorite songs are "Ghost of You", "Rock God" and "Intuition", not to mention "A Year Without Rain" of course which I've been addicted to ever since I listened to its demo. I'm so excited for the album to finally come out. Now I'm just hoping it gets a decent debut on Billbaord's Top 200 Albums. I really hope it makes to number one. But I'd be happy with any spot on the top 10.
Now if you bought the album and listened to it already, feel free to send us your review. And Tell us in the comments, What's your favorite songs and which song you think should be the next single based on its popularity?!

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Selena is gracing the cover of the July 2010 issue of the Malaysian edition of Cleo magazine and Creme Magazine. Both magazines are currently available in stores so be sure to get them. If you happen to have any of these please donate the scans and you will receive the full credit! Also be sure to read Creme's magazine awesome article for their July cover girl Selena here.

New selena photo's

Tigerbeat/Bop Photoshoot! Even thought its kinda old but I will always love this shoot!

More monte carlo shoots

Monte carlo set

Billboard charts

Selena's newest single "Round and Round" has debuted at #24 on Billboard's HOT 200! I personally find this very impressive keeping in my mind that the song was not promoted in anyway by hollywood records! I hope they start promoting it soon so the song can jump into a higher spot. Please make sure you keep requesting the song as many times as you can. Go to this post , find your local radio station and call and ask them to play the song. I hope it jumps into a higher spot by next week, at least between #1 and #15. Also Selena is coming back to America next week and she will start promoting Ramona and Beezus along with Round & Round so I'm sure that will help too!


New photo's

Below are some new and amazing medium quality photo's of selena



New candids


June 29th - On the Set of Monte Carlo
June 28th - On the Set of Monte Carlo

Request round and round!

Today Round & Round goes for adds on radio stations! I made a list by states so find yours by clicking on the comments section! I know we all want to request the song on all these stations, but just focus on the station in your city by calling/texing and requesting online which is provided below the station!<3 Also don't forget to vote on Selena's 5 nominations at the Teen Choice Awards!
Edit: Some of the list doesn't wanna appear so if you're having trouble finding your station just highlight the text and scroll down!<3
Alabama: 97.5 wabb 1-800 – 678 - 9736:
WABB Mediabase
103.7 q 1-800 – 500 - 1037:
WQEN Mediabase
94.1 zbq 205- 349- 3200
104.3 wzyp 1-866 – 476 - 1043:
WZYP Mediabase
Y102 334 – 860-1102:
WHHY Mediabase
101.3 907 – 743 - 5131
93.7 q 520 – 880 - 5000
WQEN Mediabase

Big sister's guide #5



 Dream Out Loud's facebook uploaded a couple of new amazing photos from Selena's Dream Out Loud photoshoot in Budapest and a few behind the scenes pictures as well. I'm getting more and more excited about it, all the clothes look awesome! Check out the photos below. Doesn't she look beautiful!

Sugar Magazine

It's in the shops NOW!
The new issue of Sugar is on sale NOW and is, frankly, hotter than when cheese bubbles on hot food but you can't help eat it 'cause it looks tasty and then it BURNS YOUR MOUTH. It also doesn't hurt as much. So that's good. So, firstly, here's the cover. With the gorgeous (why don't we look like that in yellow?) Selena Gomez...

Bet awards

There's only 3 days left to vote for Selena for the 2010 BET awards. Please vote for her ! <$


Candids from paris


We added more HQ set of Candids from Paris Today! One of Selena Leaving her Hotel and the other of her shopping at the Galeries Lafayette. Although She looks kinda tired cuz she's been working a lot but she still manages to look beautiful. Check out the photos below. And incase if you don't know, Monte Carlo's official release date is February 11th 2011! Can't wait.

WOWP Stills

ch Episode date and description below:
"Wizards vs. Finkles" - Alex joins Harper's parent's vaudevillian act after deciding they are more fun than her own parents, but when she realizes the Finkles are all work and no play, she quickly comes up with a plan to get her kicked out of their performing group in a new episode of "Wizards of Waverly Place," premiering FRIDAY, JULY 30 (8:30-9:00 p.m., ET/PT) on Disney Channel."Captain Jim Bob Sherwood" - Justin is thrilled to learn he has been selected to write an issue of the Captain Jim Bob Sherwood comic, but quickly loses enthusiasm after he discovers Alex has been selected to illustrate it. Forced to work together the two can't agree on what the comic should be about, so Alex uses magic to bring Captain Jim Bob Sherwood to life in a new episode of "Wizards of Waverly Place," premiering FRIDAY, JULY 23 (8:30-9:00 p.m., ET/PT) on Disney Channel.

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